• Installation with Cable

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    Please note, you will need an ENET coding cable, Windows laptop and internet connection.
    Download the app from here:
    If the file is scanned as a virus, this is normal. You will need to disable your anti-virus / windows defender.
    - Start the car and connect the cable to your laptop and car
    - Open the app. The app will ask for a unique code what is generated based on the features you select
    - Type in the code and press continue
     CODE : [It will be in your email.]
    - Click Find Vehicle
    - Click Identify
    - When the app finished reading the car details press Start
    Make sure the engine is running, cable is not disconnected during the activation, laptop is not switched off and you have a stable internet connection during the full process. The code can be reused only on the same vehicle.
    Disclaimer: We have never known a system to fail an upgrade or damage any unit using one of these updates. However, if you do proceed with the activation you do so at your own risk.
    We offer no warranty, liability, responsibility or offer compensation should anything go wrong.

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  • The differences between BMW iDrive USB and Enet Cable Coding, Explained.

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    Owning a BMW isn't simply about getting from point A to point B in the lap of luxury (although that is definitely a plus!) it’s first and foremost a lifestyle. Although BMW does manage to bundle in a sleek and sexy package with tons of amazing features right off the factory floor they unfortunately keep many more hidden features away for the more affluent owners, but lucky for you this is where we get to BMW coding.

    What is the point of BMW coding and what are the benefits?

    The basics: BMW coding at its core is a jailbreak of sorts for your BMW! By changing the configurations of various modules in your car you will be able unlock exciting new features or get rid of annoying features such as disclaimers.
    Heres a cool example, you could unlock your BMWs "video in motion" so that your passengers can watch a movie while you're cruising around (of course not you the driver) you could also disable that ANNOYING disclaimer that comes on every time you start your car. There are numerous examples of BMW coding features that would let you fine tune your bimmer to how you would want it and not just keep the old plain jane configurations from the factory floor.

    But just like with a jailbreak of other sorts the elephant in the room still remains... Does BMW iDrive coding void my warranty? Well here’s the kicker! This does NOT change any of the core functions of the head unit nor does it add any non-existing functions of the BMW. This isn't some 3rd party modification part that you try and put in yourself and accidentally break something. Our developers have fine tuned a process that adds the features as if were to come from the factory. iDrive coding is simply just allowing you to gain access to the features of your bmw that were always there but hidden away behind a paywall or restricted within your region.

    What makes and models are can be coded?

    The newer the model the more options you have at your disposal. The manufacture date is the most important detail! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, another big factor is the older the software your iDrive is running it could sadly limit your options of customization. And last but not least remember the factory preset of your bimmers configuration. For more details on what features your vehicle has available please make sure to check out our VIN CHECK feature.

    BMW Coding with a cable

    So if you're in the market to do some BMW F10 F30 coding or essentially any other model upgrading you're going to need a coding cable a laptop with an ethernet jack or USB to RJ45 adapter will work. Specific coding software for BMW will be required, (specific to the makes and models) you will need a competent technician to unlock all the hidden features. As with many car modifications you can always prepare to DIY or you could leave it to the professionals.

    The main difference is that cable coding is for any module, the whole vehicle could be coded. The features you can add are less restricted but professional knowledge is definitely recommended, so if you are doing it yourself please make sure to do some research!

    BMW coding with a USB

    The alternative coding tool that will save you most of the headache from the last tool. An ordinary thumb drive with a file coded specifically to your vehicle. All you will need to do is insert the customized thumb drive in the port in your BMW’s center arm rest or glovebox and some minor steps such as locking your doors, turning off the car, and as simple as that your new features will be added.

    USB coding with a thumbdrive is only for features related to iDrive [head unit] such as VIM (video in motion, Apple CarPlay, M Logo on Startup, Remove Legal Disclaimer, TPMS, M Sport Gauges, and others.

    So, Why CODE M?

    CODE M is a cohesive unit of BMW ENTHUSIASTS with stringent attention to detail. We are based in Southern California, USA with a love for BMWs and car modification. Founded in 2012 for the love of the brand we at CODE M decided it’s time for us to give back to the BMW community what we feel BMW has given to us, a quality product that leaves you knowing without a shadow of a doubt... you're in good hands.

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