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Coding for all F/G/i Series Models

Instagram : @bmwcodem

- What is BMW Coding?
BMW Coding will allow you to activate many factory features that are either disabled or cost a hefty premium to activate. We have the skills and software to unlock these features for you. I have years of experience and I am partnered with BMW exclusive shops.

- Will it affect my warranty?
BMW Coding will not affect your warranty, all coding options are 100% reversable and will not cause any error/warning lights.

- How long does it take?
The process is simple and takes 30-40 mins.

Pricing $$$:

$50 - Choose 3 Options
$80 - Unlimited Options

+$20 - I drive to you
+$100 - CarPlay Lifetime Activation (2017+ Vehicles iDrive 5/6)
+$120 - M3/M4 GTS Transmission Flash

Here a just some of the available options:
- Seat belt reminders can be activated / deactivated (for either driver or passenger).
- Video in motion - (software only activation to allow the TV to stay on when driving).
- Start / Stop button memory - (retains a memory of the last selected setting rather than defaulting to on).
- Electric mirrors fold with remote central locking - Unfold / fold wing mirrors via remote key fob - Pressing and holding lock / unlock on key remote with fold / unfold mirrors (this may sound obvious but factory fitted electric folding mirrors are required).
- USB video playback with additional codec activation - Allows playback of video via USB port on NBT head units.
- Digital speedo activation - (Digital speed readout on instrument cluster, within board computer).
- Door handle puddle light LED's powered on reverse - When selecting reverse gear, door handle puddle lights are activated to illuminate curb.
- Remote tailgate closing - Power close the rear tailgate via remote key (only for F31 and F34 vehicles with powered tailgate).
- Power tailgate closing - Power close the rear tailgate via cabin button (only for F31 and F34 vehicles with powered tailgate).
- Continued use of power windows with door open - (allows one-touch windows to be used after door has been opened).
- ///M boot logo - Change instrument cluster boot logo to ///M Performance (only for vehicles with extended display).
- iDrive start up logo - Change iDrive boot logo to Alpina, BMW i, Rolls Royce or ///M (NBT vehicles only).
- iDrive boot logo - Change iDrive boot logo to ///M Performance (NBT vehicles only).
- Removes disclaimer for all cameras and PDC sensors on screen.
- Add tire pressure & individual tyre temperature to the TPMS display - (vehicle must have factory tyre pressure sensors fitted).
- Activate Siri Eyes-Free Button - Hold down voice recognition button for over 2 seconds - (iPhone must be paired and later NBT system fitted).
- M3/M4/M5 Sound Design (Speakers play M3/M5 Engine Noise instead of stock engine/exhaust noise.)