Code M is the home for your BMW coding solutions. Whether you want to add video in motion (VIM) to your vehicle or add some M Logo animation changes you can find that here. Our USB coding solution is support with the BMW NBT and NBT EVO head unit. Apple CarPlay activation via USB is support by NBT EVO head units that are on iDrive 5 and 6. You can use our Check VIN feature to see what features are available for your vehicle. For newer vehicles that are on the newest software update 11.18 and above your can still install features using our enet coding cable.

    Our most popular features are:
    BMW Apple CarPlay USB Coding
    Video in motion (VIM)
    TPMS (Tire temperature and pressure monitoring)
    BMW M Logo Start/Splash Screen
    ConnectedDrive Apps

    Additional options other than the ones available in the USB Coding section can be activated via remote coding. This includes features such as mirrors fold with key, trunk close with key. Please note that features are dependent on your vehicle model and year. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.